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Neural tissue repair and regeneration strategies have received a great deal of attention because it directly affects the quality of the patient's life. There are many scientific challenges to regenerate nerve while using conventional autologous nerve grafts and from the newly developed therapeutic strategies for the reconstruction of damaged nerves. Recent(More)
This review aims to explore the toxicological aspects of mercury-based herbo-metallic preparations like cinnabar and “Rasasindura” that are primarily composed of mercuric sulfide (HgS). Cinnabar-containing preparations have been used extensively in Indian and Chinese systems of medicine for treatment of chronic ailments like syphilis, high fever, pneumonia,(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t about noise-based logic, we showed how simple superpositions of single logic basis vectors can be achieved in a single wire. The superposition components were the N orthogonal logic basis vectors. Supposing that the different logic values have " on/off " states only, the resultant discrete superposition state represents(More)
BACKGROUND The treatment of AIDS remains a serious challenge owing to high genetic variation of Human Immunodeficiency Virus type 1 (HIV-1). The use of different antiretroviral drugs (ARV) is significantly limited by severe side-effects that further compromise the quality of life of the AIDS patient. In the present study, we have evaluated a liposome system(More)
Increasing consumption of tobacco and alcohol has led to a steady increase in the incidence of head and neck cancers in Asia. The drawbacks associated with the existing chemotherapeutic and surgical interventions have necessitated the development of a safer alternative for therapy of head and neck cancers. In this study we have explored the synergistic(More)
With greater than 500,000 orthopaedic procedures performed in the United States each year requiring a bone graft, the development of novel graft materials is necessary. We report that some porous polymer/ceramic composite scaffolds possess intrinsic osteoinductivity as shown through their capacity to induce in vivo host osteoid mineralization and in vitro(More)
To prove that a polynomial is nonnegative on R n one can try to show that it is a sum of squares of polynomials (SOS). The latter problem is now known to be reducible to a semidef-inite programming (SDP) computation much faster than classical algebraic methods (see, e.g., [Par03]), thus enabling new speed-ups in algebraic optimization. However, exactly how(More)
Electrospun nanofibrous scaffolds have received a great deal of attention in tissue engineering in recent years. Bridging larger nerve gaps between proximal and distal ends requires exogenous tubular constructs with uniaxially aligned topographical cues to promote the axonal re-growth due to the lack of fibrin cable formation. In this study, we have(More)