Swaminathan Jayaraman

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We propose a summarization technique that provides a clear and concise picture of the history of program execution with respect to entities of interest to a programmer. We develop our technique in the context of JIVE, a tool for Java execution visualization that renders execution states and history using UML object and sequence diagrams respectively. While(More)
We studied the effects of cytostatic drugs on porcine coronary artery spindle-shaped (S) and rhomboid (R) smooth muscle cell (SMC) biological activities related to intimal thickening (IT) formation. Imatinib, and to a lesser extent curcumin, decreased proliferation of S- and R-SMCs and migratory and urokinase activities of R-SMCs more efficiently compared(More)
Sensitization to skin allografts in the lizard, Calotes versicolor, was assessed using the in vitro capillary migration inhibition (MI) assay. In the presence of the respective donor antigen, an appreciable degree of MI of sensitized spleen cells was observed as early as 4 days after grafting. A maximum level was attained on day 7 and this response was(More)
AIMS Evaluation of safety and efficacy of ProNOVA XR, a new generation of polymer-free sirolimus eluting stents (SES), utilizing a pharmaceutical excipient for timed release of sirolimus from the XR platform. METHODS AND RESULTS Safety and efficacy of ProNOVA XR coronary stent system was examined in EURONOVA prospective, single arm, multi-center registry(More)
We present a novel framework for formal verification of run-time behaviour of Java programs. We focus on the class of programs with a repetitive behaviour, such as servers and interactive programs, including programs exhibiting concurrency and non-determinism. The design-time specifications for such programs can be specified as UML-like finite-state(More)