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Peer-to-peer networks are the most popular mechanism for the criminal acquisition and distribution of child pornography (CP). In this paper, we examine observations of peers sharing known CP on the eMule and Gnutella networks, which were collected by law enforcement using forensic tools that we developed. We characterize a year's worth of network activity(More)
This paper presents LiFTinG, the first protocol to detect freeriders, including colluding ones, in gossip-based content dissemination systems with asymmetric data exchanges. LiFTinG relies on nodes tracking abnormal behaviors by cross-checking the history of their previous interactions, and exploits the fact that nodes pick neighbors at random to prevent(More)
OneSwarm is a system for anonymous p2p file sharing in use by thousands of peers. It aims to provide Onion Routing-like privacy and BitTorrent-like performance. We demonstrate several flaws in OneSwarm's design and implementation through three different attacks available to forensic investigators. First, we prove that the current design is vulnerable to a(More)
Keywords: High-bandwidth content dissemination Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Free riding Distributed verifications a b s t r a c t Gossip-based protocols have proven very efficient for disseminating high-bandwidth content such as video streams in a peer-to-peer fashion. However, for the protocols to work, nodes are required to collaborate by devoting a fraction of(More)
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