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Protein kinases (PKs) present in Plasmodium falciparum catalyze phosphorylation reaction to control growth and differentiation of the parasite throughout the life cycle. Protein kinase inhibitors are found to kill the parasite but their cellular target enzymes are not known. Protein kinase inhibitors are evaluated in an in sillico docking studies using(More)
Malaria is most prevalent in tropical climate and causes 1–3 million deaths annually. RIO-2 kinase, an atypical kinase regulates ribosome biogenesis and is necessary for cell cycle progression. Structural characterization of PFD0975w (PfRIO-2 kinase) indicates N-terminal DNA binding winged helix domain (1–84), a linker region (85–147), and C-terminal kinase(More)
RIO-2 kinase is known to regulate ribosome biogenesis and other cell cycle events. The 3D model of ATP bound and an unbound form of PFD0975w was generated using AfRIO-2 crystal structure 1TQI, 1ZAO as template employing Modeller9v7 program. Structural characterization identified N-terminal winged helix domain (1-84), C-terminal kinase domain (148-275), and(More)
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