Svitlana Voronkova

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In this paper, we contribute to the literature on institutional herding and positive feedback trading by analysing the behavior of pension fund investors on the Polish stock market. Their entrance on the Polish stock market due to the national pension system reform in 1999 provides a unique opportunity to receive deeper insight into the behavior of(More)
The paper extends the evidence on the factors relevant for pricing stocks in emerging markets. While previous literature focused on Latin American and Asian developing markets, Central and Eastern European markets remain under-researched. By focusing on the Polish stock market, we aim to fill in a gap in the asset pricing literature and draw attention to(More)
We empirically investigate the impact of price limits on volatility and autocorrelation in the call auction segment of the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE). Since call auctions offer time-out periods to investors, we do not expect price limits to counter overreaction and panic in this market structure. Indeed, our empirical findings show that price limits result(More)
We study the evolution of global equity market integration using US dollar denominated iShares. Designed to mimic the movements of MSCI indices, these securities provide an easy pool of international diversification products for the investor. As such they allow us to conduct an analysis of the largest equity markets comovements devoid of problems associated(More)
This paper examines the linkages between the Russian stock market and those of its largest neighbors in Central and Eastern Europe, and the world stock markets over the 10 year period 1995-2004. What we find is that there was a major change in the nature of these relationships after the so called Russian Crisis of 1997-1998. The nature of this change is(More)
The article deals with problems of implementation of legislation documents in federal medicine, education, purchases for governmental and municipal needs. The authors analyzed and summarized main problems in organizing and conducting preliminary and periodic medical examinations of workers (exemplified by decreed communities in government-financed(More)
This paper analyzes long-run co-movements between international real estate stock markets and between regions based on bivariate and multivariate tests for cointegration. While the topic has been analyzed in previous studies such as Gallo and Zhang (2009) and Yunus (2009) among others, this paper is of significant contribution to existing studies since we(More)
This paper presents an analysis of pension funds’ performance in Poland and Hungary as representative Eastern Central European countries. In the theoretical literature it is argued that investment limits and performance regulations may have a negative influence on the performance of funds. In particular for Poland, our empirical findings do not support this(More)
This paper presents an analysis of pension funds' performance in Poland and Hungary, as Central European countries characterized by strong regulation of their private pension fund industries. The paper contributes to the existing literature in the following ways. First, it is among the first papers to provide empirical evidence on the performance of pension(More)
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