Svilen Mihaylov

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Given two versions of a file, a current version located on one machine and an outdated version known only to another machine, the remote file synchronization problem is how to update the outdated version over a network with a minimal amount of communication. In particular, when the versions are very similar, the total data transmitted should be(More)
PURPOSE The social model of disability considers participation to be determined by the social, attitudinal and physical environments experienced by an individual. This study aims to ascertain from families of children with cerebral palsy the features of such environments which facilitate or restrict participation. METHOD Thirteen in-depth interviews using(More)
Current web search engines are retrospective in that they limit users to searches against already existing pages. Prospective search engines, on the other hand, allow users to upload queries that will be applied to newly discovered pages in the future. We study and compare algorithms for efficiently matching large numbers of simple keyword queries against a(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of bulk-forming, stimulant and osmotic laxatives, and also of adding a second type of laxative agent in the treatment of patients whose constipation is not resolved by a single agent. Additionally, to define the meaning of constipation in older people from the perspective of GPs and(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify factors that influence Removable Partial Denture (RPD) provision, and patient use of RPDs in the UK. DESIGN Exploratory qualitative interview study. SUBJECTS AND METHODS SUBJECTS There were two sample groups. A purposive sample of 16 male and female dentists was categorised in terms of level of RPD provision, experience, and(More)
BACKGROUND The Directive 2001/20/EC was an important first step towards consistency in the requirements and processes for clinical trials across Europe. However, by applying the same rules to all types of drug trials and transposing the Directive's principles into pre-existing national legislations, the Directive somewhat failed to meet its facilitation and(More)
The aim of the study was to investigate the effect of long term exposure to low level radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic (EM) radiation on the excretion rates of stress hormones in satellite station operators during 24-hour shifts. Twelve male operators at a satellite station for TV communications and space research were studied during 24-hour shifts.(More)
Remote file synchronization has been studied extensively over the last decade, and the existing approaches can be divided into single-round and multi-round protocols. Single-round protocols are preferable in scenarios involving small files and large network latencies (e.g., web access over slow links) due protocol complexity and computing and I/O overheads.(More)
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