Svetoslav Simeonov

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Percutaneous ethanol sclerotherapy was applied to 20 patients (17 women and 3 men, aged 30 to 77 yrs) with autonomous thyroid nodules. The patients either were contraindicated because of hazardous concomitant diseases or refused surgical or 131I treatment. Ethanol (95 alc%) was injected in 4 to 6 sessions at a mean dose of 0.63 ml/cc nodular tissue.(More)
Eighty two patients with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease were examined clinically. Nephrolithiasis was diagnosed in 23 patients (28.1%). In 17 (73.5%) the lithiasis was bilateral. There were no patients with nephrolithiasis under the age of 20 years. The disease frequency increased in the patients between 21 and 40 years (38.5%) reaching 58.1%(More)
Forty-five diabetes patients with painful peripheral polyneuropathy were enrolled in a 3-month observational study comparing the therapeutic efficacy of Milgamma tablets (50 mg benfothiamine and 0.25 mg cyancobalamine) with parallel randomized treatment assignment with the conventional vitamin B complex treatment regimen Neurobex. Thirty patients in group(More)
Biochemical and histological investigations were carried out with cows affected with ketosis in a subclinical and clinical form. Parellel studies were performed with normal (control) cows originating from the herds with the ill animals and manifesting the same physiologic status. It was found that the blood level of glucose in the diseased cows was lowered(More)
A case of a 19 years old man with a congenital vascular anomaly is presented: arteriovenous shunt in the right kidney with an aneurysm of the inferior right branch of the renal artery as a cause of asymptomatic hematuria and vasorenal hypertension. The diagnosis was determined with the help of subtraction angiography. The method is recommended for the(More)
Some of the indices of carbohydrate metabolism were studied in 30 freshly calved, high-producing cows affected with the disease and after they had recovered from ketosis as well as in 25 control cows. Investigated were the volatile fatty acids (VFA), ketone bodies, pH, and the count and composition of infusoria in the rumen content; the sugar, ketone(More)
Investigations were carried out to evaluate the contents of glucose, total protein, total lipids and lipid fractions, calcium, inorganic phosphorus, magnesium, carotene, and vitamin A in the blood of a total of 26 high-producing cows at various stages of pregnancy (5, 6, 7, and 9 months) and up to the 1-2nd, 3rd, and 4-5th month after calving. It was found(More)