Svetoslav Bliznashki

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The representation-building and the analogical mapping processes run in parallel in the AMBR model and thus they can influence each other. This paper describes how the AMBR model could explain the rerepresentation of the target when the analogical mapping forces it. The mechanisms are presented and a simulation is described which shows that depending on how(More)
This paper is trying to explore the issue of whether analogical mapping may influence perception and cause re-interpretation of the target stimulus. An attempt is made to put this rather complicated issue at experimental test bed. Two experiments are described which demonstrate that the process of analogical mapping may reorganize the perceptual input and(More)
The focus of this study is the possible influence analogy making may have upon emotions experienced in everyday life. More specifically we address the question of whether emotions inherently associated with one domain tend to be transferred to another domain via analogical mapping connections. In an experiment we demonstrate that emotional appraisal is(More)
Based on some of our previous experimental findings concerning the negative priming which occasionally occurs during perception of ambiguous drawings we propose a simple mathematical model which we believe may account for important aspects of our data. We tested some (but not all) of the crucial predictions of our model using a newly developed set of(More)
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