Svetlozar Andreev

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Optical pump-probe experiments reveal spin beats of manganese ions in (Cd,Mn)Te, due to hyperfine and crystal fields. At "magic" orientations of the magnetic field, the effect of local crystal field is strongly suppressed. In this case, the spin precession of Mn(2+) embedded in the lattice approaches the precession expected for the free ion. Following(More)
On incubation of rabbit platelets with ADP, adrenalin, serotonin, and thrombin, the level of lipid hydroperoxides in the platelets, determined as malonic dialdehyde, increases parallel with the increased aggregative power. An even higher concentration of malonic dialdehyde is observed in the platelets of animals with pulmonary thrombosis. Dynamic studies(More)
The preparation terrilytin, which was isolated from the mold Asp~rg~llus teeny'cola [7], and whose active principle is a proteolytic enzyme, possesses high thrombolytic activity, when injected intravenously into animals with experimental thrombi [2, 3, 4, 9, i0], Meanwhile, when given by this method terrilytin was found to possess considerable toxicity, and(More)