Svetlana V Makarova

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Oxidation of quercetin by air oxygen takes place in water and aqueous ethanol solutions under mild conditions, namely in moderately-basic media (pH approximately 8-10) at ambient temperature and in the absence of any radical initiators, without enzymatic catalysis or irradiation of the reaction media by light. The principal reaction products are typical of(More)
The prevention and control of legionellosis in water supply systems involves environmental comprehensive sampling. Our aim was to investigate occurrence of Legionella spp. in water supply systems in different administrative districts of Riga, and to find out if there exists a correlation between Legionella spp. positive cases and water source, type of(More)
Background Gut barrier condition is very important factor for development of food tolerance. In the first few years of life, humans gradually develop an intricate balance between tolerance and immune reactivity in the gut mucosa. Increased absorption of food antigens in early childhood may play role for sensitization and development of food allergy in the(More)
In this paper we study the phenomenon of round-trip investment between Russia and key offshore financial centers (OFCs), namely, Cyprus and British Virgin Islands, which is now a significant part of foreign investment into Russia. Using firm-level data we study differences in location strategies between round-trip and genuine foreign investors into Russia(More)
The paper postulates applying the multivariate non-normal and skewed distributions with dependent components to construct probabilistic forecasts of inflation, usually presented in a form of ‘fan charts’. The rationale of this came from the empirical analysis of naïve and econometric forecasts annual inflation (measured monthly) for 28 OECD countries from(More)
The paper tackles the issue of possible misspecification in fitting skew normal distributions to empirical data. It is shown, through numerical experiments, that it is easy to choose a distribution which is different from this which actually generated the sample, if the minimum distance criterion is used. It is suggested that, in case of similar values of(More)
The paper analyses the relation between inflation and real effects in situation where there are episodes of high inflation. In such case the assumption of inflation normality is not valid any more. Therefore it is assumed here that the joint distribution of innovations in inflation and output gap is the Choleskized tempered stable. It is shown, using Monte(More)
The paper analyses inflationary real effects in situation where there are frequent episodes of high inflation. It is conjectured with the increase in high inflation, and when differences between the expected and output-neutral inflation become large, output stimulation through inflationary shocks is more effective than otherwise. It is shown that this(More)