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A parallelism in $$PG(n,q)$$ P G ( n , q ) is transitive if it has an automorphism group which is transitive on the spreads. A parallelism is regular if all its spreads are regular. In $$PG(3,4)$$ P G ( 3 , 4 ) no examples of transitive and no regular parallelisms are known. Transitive parallelisms in $$PG(3,4)$$ P G ( 3 , 4 ) must have automorphisms of(More)
A classification of the doubles of the projective plane of order 4 with respect to the order of the automorphism group is presented and it is established that, up to isomorphism, there are 1 746 461 307 doubles. We start with the designs possessing non-trivial automorphisms. Since the designs with automorphisms of odd prime orders have been constructed(More)
1.1 Projective spaces and spreads. A projective space is a geometry consisting of a set of points and a set of lines, where each line is a subset of the point set, such that the following axioms hold: • Any two points are on exactly one line. • Let A, B, C, D be four distinct points no three of which are collinear. If the lines AB and CD intersect each(More)