Svetlana Topalova

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A parallelism in $$PG(n,q)$$ P G ( n , q ) is transitive if it has an automorphism group which is transitive on the spreads. A parallelism is regular if all its spreads are regular. In $$PG(3,4)$$ P G ( 3 , 4 ) no examples of transitive and no regular parallelisms are known. Transitive parallelisms in $$PG(3,4)$$ P G ( 3 , 4 ) must have automorphisms of(More)
We classify up to multiplier equivalence optimal (v, 3, 1) binary cyclically permutable constant weight (CPCW) codes with v ≤ 61. There is a one-to-one correspondence between optimal (v, 3, 1) CPCW codes, optimal cyclic binary constant weight codes with weight 3 and minimal distance 4, (v, 3; (v − 1)/6) difference packings, and optimal (v, 3, 1) optical(More)