Svetlana Selivanova

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We study the computability properties of symmetric hyperbolic systems of PDE A ∂u ∂t + m i=1 Bi ∂u ∂x i u|t=0 = ϕ(x1,. .. , xm). Such systems first considered by K.O. Friedrichs can be used to describe a wide variety of physical processes. Using the difference equations approach, we prove computability of the operator that sends (for any fixed computable(More)
The D4 dopamine receptor belongs to the D2 -like family of dopamine receptors, and its exact regional distribution in the central nervous system is still a matter of considerable debate. The availability of a selective radioligand for the D4 receptor with suitable properties for positron emission tomography (PET) would help resolve issues of D4 receptor(More)
We discuss possibilities of application of Numerical Analysis methods to proving computability, in the sense of the TTE approach, of solution operators of boundary-value problems for systems of PDEs. We prove computability of the solution operator for a symmetric hyperbolic system with computable real coefficients and dissipative boundary conditions, and of(More)
The histamine H(3) receptor (H(3)R) plays a role in cognition and memory processes and is implicated in different neurological disorders, including Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia, and narcolepsy. In vivo studies of the H(3)R occupancy using a radiolabeled PET tracer would be very useful for CNS drug discovery and development. We report here the(More)
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