Svetlana Peltsverger

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Password based or simple authentication is the most commonly used type of authentication. The decrease in resource costs and emergence of grid computing necessitates cryptologists and system architects reevaluate their chosen algorithm and password policies to address the rapidly weakening SHA1 and MD5. The major modern cryptographic hashing methods are(More)
At the direction of the ACM Education Board, the IT2017 Task Group was formed with the charge of updating the joint ACM and IEEE Computer Society Curriculum Guidelines for Undergraduate Degree Programs in Information Technology, known as IT2008. The revised document, called IT2017, should be appropriately forward looking given the significant advances in(More)
As the term 'information technology' has many meanings for various stakeholders and continues to evolve, this work presents a comprehensive approach for developing curriculum guidelines for rigorous, high quality, bachelor's degree programs in information technology (IT) to prepare successful graduates for a future global technological society. The aim is(More)
Multimedia traffic on the Internet has grown dramatically in the past few years. Web sites, such as YouTube and Hulu, offer entertainment and educational multimedia content that previously was only available through broadcast or cable television and on storage media, such as CD-ROMs and videotapes. Latency is a key issue in the delivery of online content,(More)
The IT2008 Curriculum Guidelines for Undergraduate Degree Programs in Information Technology is showing its age, and in 2014, the ACM Education Board agreed to oversee the creation of a revision, now being referred to as IT2017. Members of the IT 2017 Task Group have been identified, and phone conference calls have been taking place. All proposed panel(More)
This paper describes an approach to engage hands-on learners in research activities. As a part of this method, students are required to post a question about each assigned reading and answer at least two questions from their peers. In order to complete this task, students must read assigned textbook chapters and articles as well as perform additional(More)
Security topics have been taught for some time at universities. The most common approach has been to teach a required topic, and then introduce a security module later in the course. We are promoting the notion of teaching security at the same time as main course's material. This helps students to adopt to the idea of writing secure code at an early stage(More)
<b>Problem and Motivation:</b> A designing of energy efficient wireless sensor networks is one of the most trendy research topics. In this paper the authors developed a new multi-criteria approach which allows filtering out non-efficient topologies during a phase of designing of a sensor network and also running a self-adjustment process during its(More)
The authors propose an approach for clustering Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) nodes utilizing a variety of criteria. The clustering approach builds upon the notion of hierarchical or clustered management for MANETs and identifies logical clusters of nodes. A binary relationship matrix between all network nodes is created for each criterion that displays the(More)