Svetlana P. Ermakova

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The polysaccharide compositions of the brown algae Dictyopteris polypodioides and Sargassum sp. from the Mediterranean Sea were determined. The principal polysaccharide of the studied algae (about(More)
The chemical composition of water-ethanol extracts of the brown algae Laminaria cichorioides, Costaria costata, and Fucus evanescens were studied. The extracts contained mannitol, iodine, micro(More)
Fucoxanthin (FX) and highly unsaturated monogalactosyldiacylglycerol (MGDG) were isolated from the ethanol extract of brown alga Fucus evanescens. Their structures were identified by nuclear magnetic(More)
Nine new sulfated triterpene glycosides, magnumosides A₁ (1), A₂ (2), A₃ (3), A₄ (4), B₁ (5), B₂ (6), C₁ (7), C₂ (8) and C₄ (9) as well as a known colochiroside B₂ (10) have been isolated from the(More)