Svetlana Orlova

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The work is devoted to investigation into the possibilities to optimize the axial inductor machine. Modelling problems are solved for the external source of magnetic field in the machine's cross-section. Optimal values are found for geometrical parameters of the tooth zone, which allow the maximum EMF in the armature winding coils to be reached. To validate(More)
Genetic differentiation of the Pacific cod Gadus macrocephalus was studied. Samples from six regions of the Sea of Okhotsk and the Bering Sea were analyzed with two mtDNA genetic markers-gene of cytochrome 1 and the control region (D-loop). Comparative analysis showed significant genetic differentiation between the two groups of samples. The first group(More)
Sablefish Anoplopoma fimbria is a deep-sea fish, endemic to the North Pacific Ocean, with continuous range from southern California to the central part of Honshu Island, including the Bering and Okhotsk Seas. It is an important commercial species and a promising object for aquaculture [1, 2]. Compared to the eastern part of the range [3, 4] the population(More)
This is the first work on the age, developmental stages, and otoliths of snub-nosed spiny eel Notacanthus chemnitzii (Notacanthidae), a rare fish species inhabiting the waters of southwestern Greenland. The mean age of 14 studied fishes (with a length of 36–104 cm and a mass of 74–3834 g) varied in the range from 11 to 26 years. Since the duration of(More)
The first data on the elemental contents of the swimbladder wall of three deepwater fish species from the North Atlantic (the snubnosed spiny eel Notacanthus chemnitzii, the Kaup’s arrowtooth eel Synaphobranchus kaupii, and the roughhead grenadier Macrourus berglax) are presented. It is supposed that survival of specimens of the first two species upon their(More)
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