Svetlana Jaksic

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We introduce a role-based access control calculus for modelling dynamic web data and a corresponding type system. It is an extension of the Xdπ calculus proposed by Gardner and Maffeis. In our framework, a network is a parallel composition of locations, where each location contains processes with roles and a data tree whose edges are associated with roles.(More)
Copyless messaging is a communication mechanism in which only pointers to messages are exchanged between sender and receiver processes. Because of its intrinsically low overhead, copyless messaging can be profitably adopted for the development of complex software systems where processes have access to a shared address space. However, the very same mechanism(More)
The notion of subtyping has gained an important role both in theoretical and applicative domains: in lambda and concurrent calculi as well as in programming languages. The soundness and the completeness , together referred to as the preciseness of subtyping, can be considered from two different points of view: operational and denotational. The former(More)
Security requirements in distributed software systems are inherently dynamic. In the case of authorization policies, resources are meant to be accessed only by authorized parties, but the authorization to access a resource may be dynamically granted/yielded. We describe ongoing work on a model for specifying communication and dynamic authorization handling.(More)
We investigate Leifer and Milner RPO approach for deriving efficient (finitely branching) LTS's and bisimilarities for π-calculus. To this aim, we work in a category of second-order term contexts and we apply a general pruning technique, which allows to simplify the set of transitions in the LTS obtained from the original RPO approach. The resulting LTS and(More)
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