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Simulations and experiments in the fusion and plasma physics community generate large datasets at remote sites. Visualization and analysis of these datasets are difficult because of the incompatibility among the various data formats adopted by simulation, experiments, and analysis tools, and the large sizes of analyzed data. Grids and Web services(More)
Visualization is increasingly important for understanding the large 3D data sets produced by high-performance computing. Such data sets are easily multiple gigabytes per slice. Transferring such files is problematic in terms of data transfer speed and also in data storage. In this situation, remote visualization is needed. Our application FarSight addresses(More)
Grid technologies provide a valuable solution for distributed scientific applications but are not readily available for the 4th Generation Languages (4GLs) widely used in physics, climate modeling and medicine. Examples of 4GLs are interactive data language (IDL) and MATLAB. There is a need for tools allowing 4GLs to interoperate with the grid. This paper(More)
As the fusion community becomes more interconnected and problems become more complex, very close collaborative efforts are expected. This requires internetworking various codes, comparing solutions from multiple solvers, and sharing of data and data analysis tools. However, the data formats and data analysis tools used in fusion and plasma simulations are(More)