Svetlana E Solovieva

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Uveal melanoma (UM) is unique among cancers in displaying reduced endogenous levels of sister chromatid exchange (SCE). Here we demonstrate that FANCD2 expression is reduced in UM and that ectopic expression of FANCD2 increased SCE. Similarly, FANCD2-deficient fibroblasts (PD20) derived from Fanconi anaemia patients displayed reduced spontaneous SCE(More)
Combinations of tetramercaptotetrathiacalix[4]arene pyridyl-appended positional isomers with HgCl2 lead to the formation of neutral coordination networks with their dimensionality imposed by the position of the N atom on the pyridyl group.
The effect of macrocycle size on the structure-property relationships was studied for inclusion compounds of tert-butylcalix[n]arenes (n=4,5) with volatile organic guests having various molecular size and group composition. Vapor-sorption isotherms, guest-inclusion stoichiometry and Gibbs energy, thermostability parameters and decomposition enthalpies were(More)
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