Svetlana Chumachenko

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– An exact method of memory elements diagnosis and repair by spares that enables to cover a set of fault cells by minimally possible quantity of spares is represented. The method is oriented on implementation to the Infrastructure Intellectual Property for SoC functionality. It enables to raise yield essentially on the electronic technology market by means(More)
A virus (strain No. 3266) was isolated from the blood and internal organs of a rook caught in May, 1980, in the territory of the Black Sea State Preserve of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (the Kherson region). The virus is pathogenic for 1--2-day-old mice by various routes of inoculation and for 3-week-old mice by the intracerebral route; it multiplies(More)
A cloud on-line service “Green Wave Traffic” called the Intellectual Road Infrastructure (IRI) is proposed to monitor and control traffic in real-time mode through the use of traffic controllers, RFID cars, global satellite navigation and positioning (GPS, GPRS) in order to improve the quality and safety of vehicle movement, as well as for(More)
Conclusions The presented method of determining the critical points is based on the graph theory and some features of the adjacency matrix, which represents graphs. Searching for critical points in computer networks, as it follows from the above researches is characterized with a large complexity and requires applying of a great computational performance.(More)
—A high-speed multiprocessor architecture for brain-like analyzing information represented in analytic, graph-and table forms of associative relations to search, recognize and make a decision in n-dimensional vector discrete space is offered. Vector-logical process models of actual applications, where the quality of solution is estimated by the proposed(More)
Qubit models and methods for improving the performance of software and hardware for analyzing digital devices through increasing the dimension of the data structures and memory are proposed. The basic concepts, terminology and definitions necessary for the implementation of quantum computing when analyzing virtual computers are introduced. The investigation(More)
An infrastructure for parallel analyzing big data in order to search, pattern recognition and decision-making based on the use of the Boolean metric of cyberspace measurement is proposed. It is characterized by using only logical xor-operation for determining the cyber-distance by means of cyclic closing at least one object, which allows significantly(More)