Svetlana Chemikosova

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The review sums data indicating that, in many plant fibers, the secondary cell wall contains so-called gelatinous layers of peculiar structure along with those of common (xylan) structure. Sometimes these gelatinous layers comprise the main bulk of the cell wall. Key characteristics of gelatinous cell wall are presented and compared with those of classic(More)
Composition and content of free monosaccharides and β-galactosidase activity were determined in the course of development of the flax (Linum usitatissimum L.) tissues containing bast fibers. In the stem regions where the fibers were at the stage of formation of the secondary cell wall of gelatinous type, the content of free galactose was high (14 mM) and(More)
Cellulose, being the major cell wall component and the most abundant organic matter, produced by living organisms, is not uniformly distributed within plant tissues. There are numerous cells, like the parenchyma ones, which even at maturity have thin cell wall. Thick cell walls are characteristic for the tissues with mechanical function. Among those, there(More)
Plant cell wall is an example of a widespread natural supramolecular structure: its components are considered to be the most abundant organic compounds renewable by living organisms. Plant cell wall includes numerous components, mainly polysaccharidic; its formation is largely based on carbohydrate-carbohydrate interactions. In contrast to the extracellular(More)
The effects of soil drought on various stages of phloem fiber development during the period of flax (Linum usitatissimum L.) rapid growth were assessed. The formation of the secondary cell wall was shown to be most retarded. The content of a tissue-specific galactan was reduced especially sharply, and its side chains were changed. Under conditions of(More)
Functional specialization of cells is among the most fundamental processes of higher organism ontogenesis. The major obstacle to studying this phenomenon in plants is the difficulty of isolating certain types of cells at defined stages of in planta development for in-depth analysis. A rare opportunity is given by the developed model system of flax (Linum(More)
Tissue-specific galactan of sclerenchyma fibers, with cell walls of the gelatinous type, was examined in flax plants (Linum usitatissimum L.) of 23 various genotypes. The content and average degree of polymerization of side chains of galactan were estimated before its deposition into the cell wall. The variability of the analyzed parameters of(More)
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