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Spontaneous symmetry breaking in reactive systems, known as a rare physical phenomenon and for the Soai autocatalytic irreversible reaction, might in principle also occur in other, more common asymmetric reactions when the chiral product is capable to promote its formation and an element of "nonlinearity" is involved in the reaction scheme. Such phenomena(More)
A novel approach to circumvent multidrug resistance is hybridization of natural products in dimers. We analyzed homodimers of two artesunic acid molecules and heterohybrids of artesunic acid and betulin in human CCRF-CEM and multidrug-resistant P-glycoprotein-overexpressing CEM/ADR5000 leukemia cells. Multidrug-resistant cells were not cross-resistant to(More)
To evade the problem of multidrug resistance, hybridization of natural products in dimers is considered as an effective method. After the successful synthesis of three artesunic acid homodimers connected by different types of chemical linkers, we analyzed their activity against human CCRF-CEM and multidrug-resistant P-glycoprotein-overexpressing CEM/ADR(More)
Simple unmodified N-proline-based di- and tripeptides in combination with sodium hydroxide additive catalyze the asymmetric Michael reaction of ketones with nitroolefins to furnish the corresponding gamma-nitroketones with up to 99% yield, 99:1 dr and 70% ee at room temperature and on water without any organic cosolvent.
Research disclosed since the demonstration of the first examples of primary amine-thiourea organocatalysis in 2006 has shown that primary amine-based thioureas can successfully catalyze a diverse variety of highly enantioselective transformations providing a wide range of versatile organic compounds. Recent remarkable progress with these chiral catalysts is(More)
The performance of computationally accessible levels of calculation for the transition states of organocatalytic reaction has been assessed. Reference post-Hartree-Fock single point energy calculations were used as standards for the gas-phase Born-Oppenheimer relative energies of pairs of alternative transition states that lead to the two product(More)
Möbius aromaticity, predicted by Edgar Heilbronner in 1964, is a stabilizing effect exhibited by 4n electron fully conjugated cyclic molecules (or transition states) with an odd number of orbital phase inversions. Although it has previously been suggested that this effect might also apply to planar metallacycles in which a transition metal employs a d(More)
Deracemisation of racemic or scalemic conglomerates of intrinsically chiral compounds appears to be a promising method of chiral resolution. By combining the established methods of asymmetric synthesis and the physical process of crystal growth, we were able to achieve a complete deracemisation (with 100% ee) of an asymmetric Mannich product(More)
Infection with human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) is a serious medical problem, particularly in immunocompromised individuals and neonates. The success of standard antiviral therapy is hampered by low drug compatibility and induction of viral resistance. A novel strategy is based on the exploitation of cell-directed signaling inhibitors. The broad antiinfective(More)