Svetlana A. Dambinova

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BACKGROUND Stroke is a multisystemic disorder that includes mechanisms of thrombosis and neurotoxic coupling. Key metabolites of the molecular cascade following biochemical events appear(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Predicting stroke using biomarkers would enable clinicians to help prevent stroke or mitigate damage. Several stroke biomarkers have been investigated but none has shown near(More)
We have monitored EEG spontaneous spiking activity and analyzed serum from rats with cobalt-induced epilepsy for the presence of autoreactive antibodies to(More)
We have analyzed the serum from patients with refractory epilepsy for the presence of autoreactive antibodies to AMPA glutamate receptor subunits. The presence and the level of autoantibodies were(More)
Several groups of brain receptors are involved in the mechanisms underlying the development of opiate addiction, but the interactions occurring between these neuroreceptors and the immune system,(More)