Sverre Lidholm

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A unique case of a non-specific orbital granuloma in a 65-year-old woman is described. Necropsy disclosed extensive spread of the granuloma to the pachy- and leptomeninges as well as elsewhere. There were also signs of generalized polyarteritis nodosa. For five years the patient had severe facial pain and for four years signs of impaired renal function. A(More)
A synthesis method for generating hybrid pass gate circuits is presented. These circuits combine features from both complementary CMOS and pass gates architectures. The simulation results using a 0.7 μm technology show that circuits synthesized according to the proposed method may achieve significant improvements in terms of area, power and delay over(More)
A circular voltage-controlled phase shifter (VCPS) is proposed to extend the range of the controlled output phase shift unlimitedly. This is made possible by configuring the system to operate in a circular way, differently from the conventional VCPS whose output phase saturates as the phase control input exceeds some value. The circular VCPS is based on a(More)