Sverre Hendseth

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Toc is an experimental programming language based on occam that combines CSP-based concurrency with integrated specification of timing requirements. In contrast to occam with strict round-robin scheduling, the Toc scheduler is lazy and does not run a process unless there is a deadline associated with its execution. Channels propagate deadlines to dependent(More)
Scenario-aware dataflow (SADF) is a prominent tool for modeling and analysis of dynamic embedded dataflow applications. In SADF the application is represented as a finite collection of synchronous dataflow (SDF) graphs, each of which represents one possible application behaviour or scenario. A finite state machine (FSM) specifies the possible orders of(More)
The FSM-based scenario-aware dataflow (FSM-SADF) model of computation has been introduced to facilitate the analysis of dynamic streaming applications. FSM-SADF interprets application's execution as an execution of a sequence of static modes of operation called scenarios. Each scenario is modeled using a synchronous dataflow (SDF) graph (SDFG), while a(More)