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This document was written by Task Force 3 of DentEd III, which is a European Union funded Thematic Network working under the auspices of the Association for Dental Education in Europe (ADEE). It provides a guide to assist in the harmonisation of Dental Education Quality Assurance (QA) systems across the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). There is(More)
The use of information technology (IT) in dentistry is far ranging. In order to produce a working document for the dental educator, this paper focuses on those methods where IT can assist in the education and competence development of dental students and dentists (e.g. e-learning, distance learning, simulations and computer-based assessment). Web pages and(More)
The most valuable of all resources in a dental teaching hospital are human intelligence and wisdom. Increasingly, universities recognize that their mission to become a centre of academic (and clinical) excellence is dependent on the most constructive and empowering use of their staff and faculty. The appropriate management and empowerment of individuals(More)
In the Bologna process a third cycle is distinguished at the doctoral level. In documents on the Bologna process it is advocated to harmonise the structure and requirements of the doctorate, which in Europe are characterised by a wide variety. Differences exist in all possible requirements between countries, and even between schools within one country(More)
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