Svenja Specovius

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This paper describes a framework for the integration of medical image simulators in the Virtual Imaging Platform (VIP). Simulation is widely involved in medical imaging but its availability is hampered by the heterogeneity of software interfaces and the required amount of computing power. To address this, VIP defines a simulation workflow template which(More)
Index Terms— Image simulation, medical, multi-modality, cardiac, magnetic resonance, echography. This document materializes deliverable D3.4.1 of French ANR project ANR-09-COSI-03, " Virtual Imaging Platform ". As specified in the project proposal, it consists of 3D simulated heart images for segmentation evaluation, which are available online 1. This(More)
Personal Health Systems are developed for individualized diagnosis, prevention and treatment depending on the actual health-state of the regarding person with a minimum of interference of his or her daily life. They imply the continuous or at least frequent monitoring of the person's health status, subsequent evaluation and possible action initialization,(More)
Interactive visualization and correction of intermediate results are required in many medical image analysis pipelines. To allow certain interaction in the remote execution of compute- and data-intensive applications, new features of HTML5 are used. They allow for transparent integration of user interaction into Grid- or Cloud-enabled scientific workflows.(More)
Recent developments in MRI contrast agents give new perspectives in radiological diagnosis and therapy planning, but require specific image analysis methods. By employment of an academic research grid, we are currently validating and optimizing a recently developed fully automatic method for liver segmentation in Gd-EOB enhanced MRI. The grid enables(More)
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