Svenja Kraeling

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OBJECTIVE To examine self-reported physical activity with regard to weight teasing and self-efficacy. METHODS Within a cross-sectional study, 321 overweight and normal-weight students, consisting of 51% girls (n = 161) and 49% boys (n = 160) at a mean age of 12.22 years (SD = 1.07), were sampled from German secondary schools. The Perception of Teasing(More)
Children and adolescents, especially those of higher weight, often suffer from perceived weight-related discrimination. Goal of the present study is to examine the association between weight-related teasing and eating disorder as well as general psychopathology in a sample of 367 normal- and overweight students with and without migration background. Results(More)
Studies examining the rates of negative effects of psychotherapy are rare and the reported rates differ widely. To be able to calculate adequate benefit-cost ratios in conjunction with different samples and settings, we need a deeper understanding of these effects. We therefore investigated whether different treatment settings would reveal varying rates and(More)
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