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Two forms of E. coli initiation factor IF2, IF2 alpha and IF2 beta, have been known for several years. Both forms are products of the gene infB with translational initiation at codon 1 (AUG) and codon 158 (GUG) in the same reading frame. In this work we demonstrate that IF2 beta exists in two forms, IF2 beta and IF2 beta' with initiation codons 158 (GUG)(More)
The protein synthesis initiation factor, IF2, in Bacillus subtilis has previously been characterized as being present in two forms, alpha and beta, of molecular mass 79 and 68 kDa, respectively, on the basis of their cross-reaction with anti-E. coli IF2 antibodies and by the DNA sequence of the gene for IF2, In this work we have cloned in(More)
A serious problem during purification of the E. coli initiation factor IF2 is a significant loss of native IF2 due to partial degradation. We have previously shown that the major fragment, IF2 gamma (65 kDa), is the result of cleavage of IF2 alpha at the peptide bond between lysine 289 and arginine 290. In this paper we demonstrate that the cleavage is a(More)
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