Svend Aage Madsen

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During cancer treatment children have reduced contact with their social network of friends, and have limited participation in education, sports, and leisure activities. During and following cancer treatment, children describe school related problems, reduced physical fitness, and problems related to interaction with peers. The RESPECT study is a nationwide(More)
BACKGROUND A feature of the health of men across Europe is their higher rates of premature mortality and shorter life expectancy at birth than women. Following the publication of the first State of Men's Health in Europe report, we sought to explore possible reasons. METHOD We analyzed trends in life expectancy at birth in 19 European Union member states(More)
Although knowledge of the biological aspects of obesity is increasing very rapidly, psychological approaches are increasingly in demand. Psychological theory and research concerning the emotional and cognitive impacts of being obese, the psychological causes involved in obesity, and the psychological elements of treatment and motivations for treatment are(More)
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