Sven de Vries

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Many auctions involve the sale of a variety of distinct assets. Examples are airport time slots, delivery routes and furniture. Because of complementarities (or substitution effects) between the different assets, bidders have preferences not just for particular items but for sets or bundles of items. For this reason, economic efficiency is enhanced if(More)
We construct an ascending auction for heterogeneous objects by applying a primal-dual algorithm to a linear program that represents the efficient-allocation problem for this setting. The auction assigns personalized prices to bundles, and asks bidders to report their preferred bundles in each round. A bidder’s prices are increased when he belongs to a(More)
Consider selling bundles of indivisible goods to buyers with concave utilities that are additively separable in money and goods. We propose an ascending auction for the case when the seller is constrained to sell bundles whose elements form a basis of a matroid. It extends easily to polymatroids. Applications include scheduling, allocation of homogeneous(More)
The Vickrey sealed bid auction occupies a central place in auction theory because of its efficiency and incentive properties. Implementing the auction requires the auctioneer to solve n + 1 optimization problems, where n is the number of bidders. In this paper we survey various environments (some old and some new) where the payments bidders make under the(More)
When combinatorial bidding is permitted in auctions, such as the proposed FCC auction #31, the resulting full valuations and winner-determination problem can be computationally challenging. We present a branch-and-price algorithm based on a set-packing formulation originally proposed by Dietrich and Forrest (2002). This formulation has a variable for every(More)
The minimum cycle basis problem in a graph G = (V,E) is the task to construct a minimum length basis of its cycle vector space. A well-known algorithm by Horton of 1987 needs running time O(|V||E|2.376). We present a new combinatorial approach which generates minimum cycle bases in time O(\max{|E|3,|E||V|2log |V|}) with a space requirement of Θ(|E|2). This(More)
The European black poplar is a pioneer tree species of the riparian ecosystem. Its natural habitat is exposed to anthropogenic alteration. Overexploitation of the trees, and interaction with a narrow-based cultivated gene pool also contribute to the decline of the species. National programmes for the conservation of Populus nigra exist in most European(More)