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Patients' medical data have been originally generated and maintained by health professionals in several independent electronic health records (EHRs). Centralized electronic health records accumulate medical data of patients to improve their availability and completeness; EHRs are not tied to a single medical institution anymore. Nowadays enterprises with(More)
Privacy in cloud computing is at the moment simply a promise to be kept by the software service providers. Users are neither able to control the disclosure of personal data to third parties nor to check if the software service providers have followed the agreed-upon privacy policy. Therefore, disclosure of the users' data to the software service providers(More)
Security is one of the biggest concerns about Cloud Computing. Most issues are related to security problems faced by cloud providers, who have to ensure that their infrastructure is properly secure and client data are protected, and by the customers, who must ensure proper security measures have been taken by the provider in order to protect their personal(More)
Sustainability of Cloud Computing is assured for the uncritical services only. There is basically no company that entrusts critical data to a Cloud. Cloud Computing does not realize its potentials as far a cost reduction in IT is concerned. The reason is the lack of isolation. Isolation can be seen as a special sort of privacy, where the a service should(More)
The anonymization of sensitive microdata (e.g. medical health records) is a widely-studied topic in the research community. A still unsolved problem is the limited informative value of anonymized microdata that often rules out further processing (e.g. statistical analysis). Thus, a tradeoff between anonymity and data precision has to be made, resulting in(More)
In the event of large natural and artificial disasters, it is of vital importance to provide all sorts of data to the relief organizations (fire department, red cross,...) to enhance their effectivity. Still, some of this data (e.g. regarding personal information on health status) may be considered private. k-anonymity can be utilized to mitigate the risks(More)