Sven Verdoolaege

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This article addresses the compilation of a sequential program for parallel execution on a modern GPU. To this end, we present a novel source-to-source compiler called PPCG. PPCG singles out for its ability to accelerate computations from any static control loop nest, generating multiple CUDA kernels when necessary. We introduce a multilevel tiling strategy(More)
The security of the alleged RC4 stream cipher and some variants is investigated. Cryptanalytic algorithms are developed for a known plaintext attack where only a small segment of plaintext is assumed to be known. The analysis methods reveal intrinsic properties of alleged RC4 which are independent of the key scheduling and the key size. The complexity of(More)
Many compiler optimization techniques depend on the ability to calculate the number of elements that satisfy certain conditions. If these conditions can be represented by linear constraints, then such problems are equivalent to counting the number of integer points in (possibly) parametric polytopes. It is well known that the enumerator of such a set can be(More)
Designers often apply manual or semi-automatic loop and data transformations on array- and loop-intensive programs to improve performance. It is crucial that such transformations preserve the functionality of the program. This article presents an automatic method for constructing equivalence proofs for the class of static affine programs. The equivalence(More)
Computations with Barvinok’s short rational generating functions are traditionally being performed in the dual space, to avoid the combinatorial complexity of inclusion–exclusion formulas for the intersecting proper faces of cones. We prove that, on the level of indicator functions of polyhedra, there is no need for using inclusion–exclusion formulas to(More)
Current emerging embedded System-on-Chip platforms are increasingly becoming multiprocessor architectures. System designers experience significant difficulties in programming these platforms. The applications are typically specified as sequential programs that do not reveal the available parallelism in an application, thereby hindering the efficient mapping(More)
We present a new library for extracting a polyhedral model from C source. The library is based on clang, the LLVM C frontend, and isl, a library for manipulating quasi-affine sets and relations. The use of clang for parsing the C code brings advanced diagnostics and full support for C99. The use of isl allows for an easy construction and a powerful and(More)
Many compiler optimization techniques depend on the ability to calculate the number of integer values that satisfy a given set of linear constraints. This count is a function of the symbolic parameters that typically appear in the constraints and it is known as the enumeration of a parametric polytope. In an extended problem, some of the variables that(More)
We examine two different ways of encoding a counting function, as a rational generating function and explicitly as a function (defined piecewise using the greatest integer function). We prove that, if the degree and number of input variables of the (quasi-polynomial) function are fixed, there is a polynomial time algorithm which converts between the two(More)