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Body composition (BC) assessment is a useful tool for a careful evaluation of nutrition status. Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) is a safe, low-cost and reliable method for BC assessment. For epidemiological and clinical research in children, paediatric-age specific formula for fat-free mass (FFM) prediction from BIA is needed. Thus, in 35 children(More)
Rehabilitative follow-up care is important for stroke patients to regain their motor and cognitive skills. We aim to develop a robotic rehabilitation assistant for walking exercises in late stages of rehabilitation. The robotic rehab assistant is to accompany inpatients during their self-training, practicing both mobility and spatial orientation skills. To(More)
Immunological changes reported in patients with schizophrenia may play an aetiological role in these disorders. Further, immunomodulatory medications can influence the symptoms of psychiatric disorders. Antipsychotic agents such as clozapine may act therapeutically through the modulation of the immune system and also lead to side effects in that domain.Both(More)
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