Sven Schulze

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The participation of workers is one of the main topics of manufacturing enterprises. The goal is to increase the satisfaction, motivation and thus the productivity of workers, to use the creativity and the knowledge of the whole workforce to improve processes and to reward workers for their commitment. The approaches for worker participation vary widely.(More)
A well organized spare part management is often a effective way to improve the customer loyalty to the enterprise or the brand. For succeeding in this business a long-term planning is necessary. But the rising application of electronic components in the automotive industry poses new challenges for the spare part management. The life cycles of the primary(More)
Producing enterprises especially in Europe and Japan have to deal with the effects of the demographic change. Not only an unbalanced age structure in many enterprises with a high number of older workers but although the rising pension entrance age in many countries lead to an older workforce. Older co-workers are however often reduced in their physical(More)
From 2004, German social health insurers are bound by law to offer their insured a gatekeeping option. In return for renouncing direct access to specialist care, the insured can be granted bonus payments by their social health insurer. So far, experience with gatekeeping is very limited in Germany. In social health insurance, sickness funds are very(More)
The automotive aftermarket is an important factor for the sustainable business success of the original equipment manufacturer, the suppliers and the service stations. But the predictable change of technology from internal combustion engine to electric mobility will have a high impact on the whole automotive aftermarket. Enterprises have to adapt their(More)
Changing conditions for manufacturing enterprises force an increase of the participation of the employees. Main goals are the usage of the tacit knowledge and the experience of the employees. Furthermore the motivation may be raised, if the requirements and wishes of the workforce are taken into account. The participation is a basic element in the(More)
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