Sven Schubert

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Optimization of processes can yield a variety of answers, depending not only on the objective of the optimization but also on the constraints that de®ne the problem. Within the context of thermodynamic optimization, the role of the constraints is particularly important because, among other things, their choice can make some objectives either equivalent or(More)
Symbiotic dinitrogen fixation of legume nodules is fuelled by phloem-imported carbohydrates. These have to pass several cell layers to reach cells infected with Rhizobium bacteroids. It is unclear whether apoplastic steps are involved in carbohyd-rate translocation within the nodule. Protoplasts were isolated from the infected and uninfected cells of the(More)
All energy transformation processes occurring in reality are irreversible and in many cases these irreversibilities must be included in a realistic description of such processes. Endoreversible thermodynamics is a non-equilibrium approach in this direction by viewing a system as a network of internally reversible (endore-versible) subsystems exchanging(More)
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