Sven Schneider

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BACKGROUND Many prevention and intervention measures are still targeting isolated behaviours such as tobacco use or physical inactivity. Cluster analysis enables the aggregation of single health behaviours in order to identify distinctive behaviour patterns. The purpose of this study was to group a sample of the over-50 population into clusters that exhibit(More)
The medical and economic impact of back pain in terms of health care costs, lost working days, and early retirement is on the increase in Western industrialised nations. This paper investigates the prevalence of back pain in the German general population and the relationship between social factors, employment status and back pain. The first German Health(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of the paper was to generate up-to-date, representative osteoarthritis prevalence data for individual population subgroups and to identify potential risk factors. MATERIAL AND METHODS A cross-sectional study, the "First National Health Survey", investigated the prevalence of osteoarthritis, comorbidity and health-relevant behaviours(More)
OBJECTIVES In comparison with men, women have a healthier lifestyle, are more rarely overweight, have less stressful occupations, or are not employed outside the home. The "gender pain bias" is the fact that women nevertheless have a higher prevalence of back pain. This paper looks at the possible underlying reasons for this as yet unexplained gender(More)
OBJECTIVE To generate national representative data on the incidence, diagnosis, severity, and nature of medically treated sports injuries and to identify high risk groups. METHODS The first national health survey for the Federal Republic of Germany, conducted in the format of a standardised, written, cross sectional survey in the period October 1997 to(More)
Participation in sports during adolescence is considered a healthy behavior. The extent to which adolescent athletes engage in other healthful (or risky) behaviors is less clear, however. We conducted a systematic literature review following the PRISMA Statement to assess the frequency of risky behaviors among athletes in this age group. We searched the(More)
Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) contains a mixture of growth factors that play an important role in wound and fracture healing. While PRP enhanced bone formation by autogenous cancellous bone grafts, its influence in combination with different bone substitutes remained unknown. This study evaluated the effect of PRP on osteogenic differentiation and ectopic bone(More)
BACKGROUND Unlike other biopsychosocial risk factors, the role of comorbidity in low back pain is largely unknown. AIMS The purpose is (1) to generate prevalence data on back pain in the total adult population and (2) to identify the most common physical comorbidities in subjects with back pain. This paper also (3) analyses the gender-specific and(More)
OBJECTIVES Smoking during pregnancy is a major risk for the unborn child. Reliable data on the relevant high-risk groups are essential for devising effective preventive and interventional programmes. This review aims at identifying factors which differentiate women who smoke during pregnancy from those who do not, in developed countries. METHODS This(More)
OBJECTIVES Smoking during pregnancy greatly increases the risk of adverse fetal outcomes. This study was conducted to investigate the prevalence of smoking during pregnancy and to identify social, behavioural and preventable perinatal risk factors. STUDY DESIGN This study was based on a national registry, acquired in the 2005 German Perinatal Quality(More)