Sven Schmit

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Errors due to hardware or low level software problems, if detected, can be fixed by various schemes, such as recomputation from a checkpoint. Silent errors are errors in application state that have escaped low-level error detection. At extreme scale, where machines can perform astronomically many operations per second, silent errors threaten the validity of(More)
Using random graphs to model networks has a rich history. In this paper, we analyze and improve the multifractal network generators (MFNG) introduced by Palla <i>et al</i>. We provide a new result on the probability of subgraphs existing in graphs generated with MFNG. This allows us to quickly compute moments of an important set of graph properties, such as(More)
In computer science " streaming " has traditionally referred to a situation with continuous read off disk, i.e. no random access, and with little available memory. For " distributed streams, " however, we are considering a continuous flow of data that is so high throughput (a " fire hose ") that it cannot be handled by a single machine and needs to be split(More)
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