Sven Rosinger

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In recent transistor technologies design metrics highly interdepend on each other and cannot be regarded isolated. For example temperature analysis requires detailed knowledge of the power consumption and leakage currents exponentially depend on the temperature. Additionally long-term aging- or degradation-effects such as electromigration and NBTI occur in(More)
The consideration of an embedded device's power consumption and its management is increasingly important nowadays. Currently, it is not easily possible to integrate power information already during the platform exploration phase. In this paper, we discuss the design challenges of today's heterogeneous HW/SW systems regarding power and complexity, both for(More)
We propose the concept of an ESL framework for timing and power aware rapid virtual system prototyping of embedded HW/SW systems. Our proposed flow combines system-level timing and power estimation techniques available in commercial tools with platform-based rapid prototyping. Our proposal aims at the generation of executable virtual prototypes from a(More)
Different power management techniques have been developed to target leakage-reduction at runtime of a design by orders of magnitude. To advance an optimization, different power modes and especially costs of state transitions have to be considered in early steps, e.g. during scheduling, allocation and binding of high-level synthesis. We present an operation(More)
Multi-rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are interesting for commercial as well as for private use. Simple tasks like aerial photography are well known, but nowadays new scenarios, like on-board video processing or complex sensor data processing, are gaining in importance. These scenarios require high-performance on-board processing which is not(More)