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We have applied multiple site optical recording of transmembrane voltage (MSORTV) to patterned growth cultures of heart cells to analyze the effect of geometry per se on impulse propagation in excitable tissue, with cellular and subcellular resolution. Extensive dye screening led to the choice of di-8-ANEPPS as the most suitable voltage-sensitive dye for(More)
Impulse propagation across sudden expansions of excitable tissue has been shown to exhibit various forms of conduction disturbance on a macroscopic scale, ranging from small delays to unidirectional or complete conduction block. With the present study, we attempted to characterize systematically the dependence of impulse propagation on the geometry of the(More)
Analysis of rodent brains with X-ray fluorescence (XRF) microscopy combined with immunohistochemistry allowed us to demonstrate that local Cu concentrations are thousands of times higher in the glia of the subventricular zone (SVZ) than in other cells. Using XRF microscopy with subcellular resolution and intracellular X-ray absorption spectroscopy we(More)
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