Sven Rogalski

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The rise of energy needs and energy prices due to shortage of energy resources force companies and households to consume energy more efficiently. In recent years building automation systems are commonly used to allow better comfort for the occupants, and also to improve security in the building. This paper describes an approach for improving energy(More)
Energy efficiency is a keyword that can be found nowadays in all domains in which energy demand exists. The steadily rising energy demand, the consequent energy scarcity and rising prices of energy resources are forcing companies and people to redefine their activities in a more energy efficient way. Besides industry and transportation, the building sector(More)
Over the past years manufacturing enterprises are confronted by a more and more sophisticated and even faster changing environment that results from a stronger customer individualisation. The success of these enterprises strongly depends on their ability to recognize early necessary changes and to react on them appropriately. Therefore, flexibility marks(More)
The success of a company invariably depends more and more on the ability of a company to recognize changes in its environment at an early stage and to consider these changes timely in its competitive behaviour. Consequently, flexibility marks the ability of a company to master complex environmental situations in order to boost its chances to survive and(More)
For years, production companies have faced an increasingly complex and rapidly changing market, which results in higher client customization. These coupled with a high complexity of cause-effect relationships of industries, globally-dispersed markets, technologies and economic areas create great challenges to the manufacturing systems. Uncertain projections(More)
The recent literature shows that a negative ulnar variance could pose a risk factor for scaphoid fractures.The aim of the current study was to determine whether the ulnar variance also affects the healing of a scaphoid fracture.2 cohorts of 50 patients each, with either a scaphoid fracture or a non-union, were retrospectively compared. The ulnar variance(More)