Sven Paufler

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This article presents and compares several thermodynamic methods for the quantitative interpretation of data from calorimetric measurements. Heat generation and absorption are universal features of microbial growth and product formation as well as of cell cultures from animals, plants and insects. The heat production rate reflects metabolic changes in real(More)
Rabbit spermatozoa stored at 37 degrees C for 5 hr, 5 degrees C for 5 hr or 5 days, and-196 degrees C for 5 hr, 5 days, or 1 year were used to artificially inseminate does induced to ovulate normal or excess numbers of eggs. Fertility and subsequent embryonic development were examined. Frozen spermatozoa stored for 5 hr fertilized fewer oocytes than those(More)
The use of the scanning electron microscope gave a three dimensional representation of the epithelial surface. Additionally, light microscopy revealed the representative structure of the epithelium. The rete testis showed a single layer of cubic epithelial cells. Short and dense microvilli were found on the surface. Sporadically a single, cilia-like(More)