Sven P. Jacobsson

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The recording of otoacoustic emissions (OAE) was evaluated as a complementary test method for adults with moderate to profound mental retardation (MR). A portable apparatus, ILO 288 Echoport linked to a Compaq LTE 5100 notebook with software ILO 88 V 4.2, was used. Otoscopy and tympanometry were also performed. Criteria for emissions were S/N 3 dB or more(More)
Neural networks (NNs) belong to 'black box' models and therefore 'suffer' from interpretation difficulties. Four recent methods inferring variable influence in NNs are compared in this paper. The methods assist the interpretation task during different phases of the modeling procedure. They belong to information theory (ITSS), the Bayesian framework (ARD),(More)
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