Sven O Kullander

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BACKGROUND Reliable taxonomy underpins communication in all of biology, not least nature conservation and sustainable use of ecosystem resources. The flexibility of taxonomic interpretations, however, presents a serious challenge for end-users of taxonomic concepts. Users need standardised and continuously harmonised taxonomic reference systems, as well as(More)
  • H Cal En, S Carius, +54 authors Switzerland
  • 1996
1 Abstract A detector setup for the cooler storage ring CELSIUS is described. The setup detects particles produced in interactions between the internal beam and a gas jet target. Particles emitted in the forward direction are measured by means of arrays of plastic scintillators and proportional counters. Particles, particularly photons, emitted more(More)
Dario kajal, new species, is described from Seinphoh stream in the Jaintia Hills of Meghalaya, India. It can be distinguished from all other congeners by the presence of a postorbital stripe that continues behind the eye in line with the preorbital stripe and by the presence in males of a series of double bars restricted to the upper half of the body. The(More)
  • H Cal En, J Dyring, +35 authors C Wilkin
  • 1999
Exclusive measurements of the production of-mesons in the pp ! ppp reaction have been carried out at excess energies of 16 and 37 MeV above threshold. The deviations from phase space are dominated by the proton-proton nal state interaction and this innuences particularly the energy distribution of the meson. However, evidence is also presented at the higher(More)