Sven Nordholm

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Traditionally, voice activity detection algorithms are based on any combination of general speech properties such as temporal energy variations, periodicity, and spectrum. This paper describes a novel statistical method for voice activity detection using a signal-to-noise ratio measure. The method employs a low-variance spectrum estimate and determines an(More)
We characterize the delay properties of uniformly modulated finite impulse response (FIR) filterbanks. Conditions on the permissable delay are developed for this class of filterbanks when the perfect reconstruction condition is relaxed. Accurate linear approximations for the phase and the group delay of the total filterbank are derived. These approximations(More)
This paper describes a robust algorithm for sound source localization in conference rooms. The method used is a modified steered response power phase alignment transform algorithm. The results are obtained by processing real data recorded in a typical conference room, and they are compared to data obtained from a simple free-field model. The algorithm(More)
Subband adaptive filters have been proposed to avoid the drawbacks of slow convergence and high computational complexity associated with time domain adaptive filters. Subband processing introduces transmission delays caused by the filter bank and signal degradations due to aliasing effects. One efficient way to reduce the aliasing effects is to allow a(More)
This paper introduces a new constrained adaptive subband beamformer algorithm for speech enhancement in acoustic telecommunication systems. The solution relies on a pre-calculated source covariance matrix and recursive estimates of background noise- and handsfree signal covariance matrices. The constraint acts as an eye-opening in a vicinity of the(More)