Sven Maričić

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3D printing technology is a quick and relatively easy way of making prototypes. The main advantage of using the technology of Rapid Prototyping (RP) is the direct printing of 3D models from CAD / CAM data without the need for additional operations. The RP technology of manufacturing 3-D models allows faster communication and faster evaluation of various(More)
Abrasive water jet machining belongs to the non-conventional machining processes. Abrasive water jet machining as a tool used by water jet under high pressure with the addition of abrasive particles and represent of highly dynamic and stochastic machining process. The aim of this paper is to conduct the experimental research of process parameters influence(More)
  • 2008
In the long term, the planning of general business policy translates into concrete business assignments that must be realized in view of a unique business system goal. In order to define of one long–term production development program plan it is necessary to perform many complex activities generally known as product development marketing research. This(More)
This article gives an analysis of a few modern intelligent production systems: biological, holon (HMS), fractal (FrMS) and ubiquitous production concepts. The key to success in modern fast growing systems is a flexibility of the production system in order to respond quickly to changes within the market. A detail representation of the characteristics as well(More)
INTRODUCTION Tumors of the ear are relatively common and usually affect older people. If the tumor is small, a cure can be achieved by total excision and primary closure of the defect. Larger tumors require partial or full amputation of the ear, which negatively affects the aesthetics of the face. For older patients with additional comorbidities, we prefer(More)
Original scientific paper The aim of the research is to solve the problem of simultaneous production on the flexible manufacturing system with different combination of product types and quantities that will give maximal utilization of production system. The presumption for good utilization of FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System) is in forming of working(More)
This paper proposes a method for faster classification of artifacts that appear during radiological recordings. Section images containing artifacts require significant additional post-processing time compared to other, artifact-free sections. The areas containing artifacts were identified and gradually analyzed in order to optimize the fabrication process.(More)
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