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Pilonidal sinus disease (PSD) most commonly presents in young men when hair follicles enter through damaged epithelium and cause an inflammatory reaction. This results in the formation of fistular tracts. We reviewed studies based on a shared cohort of patients who presented at German military hospitals with PSD. The effect of the morphology of the sinus,(More)
Fractures of the patella account for about 1% of all skeletal injuries and can lead to profound impairment due to its crucial function in the extensor mechanism of the knee. Diagnosis is based on the injury mechanism, physical examination and radiological findings. While the clinical diagnosis is often distinct, there are numerous treatment options(More)
The periprosthetic fracture of the acetabulum is a rare injury, and its management is only sporadically reported in the literature. A few case reports are available which mainly focus on periprosthetic acetabular fractures in the elderly population. In our case, a 32-year-old patient suffered from a periprosthetic acetabular fracture in combination with a(More)
Selection of boundary constraints may influence amount and distribution of loads. The purpose of this study is to analyze the potential of inertia relief and follower load to maintain the effects of musculoskeletal loads even under large deflections in patient specific finite element models of intact or fractured bone compared to empiric boundary(More)
BACKGROUND Articular reconstruction and stable fixation of tibial plateau fractures and its various subtypes continue to represent a surgical challenge. Only few trials have studied results following angular stable plate fixation. The present study aimed to investigate the clinical, radiological, functional and quality of life results following tibial(More)
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