Sven Lukas

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Communication within and from a vehicle is a key function for various vehicle applications, like telematics, logistics, and traffic control applications. This paper describes the flexible and extendable architecture of a vehicle communication gateway which acts as a central communication device embedded in the vehicle and managing the in-vehicle,(More)
Glacial reworking of paraglacial rock slope material has been inferred from long-deglaciated terrains to be an important component of glacial sediment transfer. We provide the first description from a contemporary glacial environment of the geomorphological consequences of glacier advance (of the Feegletscher Nord, Switzerland) across a paraglacial rock(More)
Reconstruction of glacier equilibrium line altitudes (ELAs) associated with advance stages of former ice masses is widely used as a tool for palaeoclimatic studies. This requires an accurate reconstruction of palaeo-glacier surface hypsometry, based on geomorphological evidence. Classically, the approach used to define ice-surface elevations follows the(More)
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