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Many businesses and private households rely on Free Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS). Due to a lack of sustained contributors, however, most FLOSS projects do not survive. The early identification of developers who are likely to remain is thus an eminent challenge for the management of FLOSS initiatives. Previous research has shown that individuals'(More)
This research responds to a current phenomenon that individuals experience fatigue, while using social network sites, such as Facebook, which original intend to provide hedonic value to users. To explain this current phenomenon, we propose and evaluate a research model based on the stress-strain-outcome model. Focal point is the stressor social overload,(More)
Despite the benefits of information technology for corporations in staff recruitment (reduced time and costs per hire) the increased use also led to glut of applications especially in major enterprises. Therefore the companies forced to find the best candidate in times of a "War for Talent" need help to find this needle in a haystack. This help could be(More)
Using a literature review of 80 journals and proceedings we identified 23 research papers discussing driver, challenges and consequences of e-recruiting. In total 14 drivers, 15 challenges and 9 consequences of implementing and using e-recruiting has been identified. Based on these results the paper introduces a model of drivers, challenges and consequences(More)
Already in 2002 Agarwal and Ferratt forecasted that talent shortage on the IT labor market will not cause a transient problem. They are proved correct, six years later the problem is not only existent but also worse. Recruiters in companies are more and more forced to break new ground to hire the needed number of IT professionals. The increasing usage of IT(More)