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Many businesses and private households rely on Free Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS). Due to a lack of sustained contributors, however, most FLOSS projects do not survive. The early identification of developers who are likely to remain is thus an eminent challenge for the management of FLOSS initiatives. Previous research has shown that individuals'(More)
Using a literature review of 80 journals and proceedings we identified 23 research papers discussing driver, challenges and consequences of e-recruiting. In total 14 drivers, 15 challenges and 9 consequences of implementing and using e-recruiting has been identified. Based on these results the paper introduces a model of drivers, challenges and consequences(More)
abstract As one of the top issues for CIOs nowadays the recruiting and retention of IT-professionals has received a lot of attention both in practice and research. While companies are in dire need of new strategies and integrated approaches in human resources , research has predominately observed the general attitude of IT-professionals to their work, their(More)