Sven Kochmann

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Graphite oxide was characterized by pH dependent excitation-emission matrices from 300 to 500 nm in excitation and from 320 to 600 nm in emission which reveal the presence of two pH steps. These are assigned to the presence of carboxy groups and phenolic hydroxy groups, respectively. Fluorescence is strongest at 470 nm excitation and 555 nm emission. The(More)
We report on a new method for sensing trace oxygen in the gas phase. It is based on the extreme efficiency of the quenching of the thermally activated delayed fluorescence of isotopically enriched carbon-13 fullerene C(70) ((13)C(70)). This fullerene was dissolved in polymer matrixes of varying oxygen permeability, viz., polystyrene (PS), ethyl cellulose(More)
RATIONALE Mass spectrometry (MS) is an attractive method for extending capillary-size ion chromatography (cHPIC) to create a valuable technique for speciation analysis. For hyphenation, the aqueous effluent of cHPIC has to be transformed into a volatile mixture for MS while preserving analytical concentrations as well as peak shapes during transfer from(More)
The separation of complex mixtures such as biological or environmental samples requires high peak capacities, which cannot be established with a single separation technique. Therefore, multidimensional systems are in demand. In this work, we present the hyphenation of the two most important (orthogonal) techniques in ion analysis, namely, ion chromatography(More)
In this fundamental study, the simultaneous separation and detection of anions and thiophilic cations in anion exchange chromatography with suppressed conductivity detection is investigated. Mercury(II) and cadmium(II) served as model analytes. Separation and detection was performed by introducing 2-mercaptoethanesulfonate, which forms complexes with both(More)
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