Sven Junge

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Heavy loading, strong RF loss and the skin effect complicate MR investigations in electric conductive, dielectric media. A setup was developed for MR studies on swimming marine fish that reduces these limitations. A birdcage resonator adapted to high loadings was used for signal excitation. An insulated inductive coil (2 cm diameter) was fixed onto the fish(More)
An experimental implementation and first performance analysis of parallel spatially selective excitation with an array of transmit coils and simultaneous transmission of individual waveforms on multiple channels is presented. This technique, also known as Transmit SENSE, uses the basic idea of parallel imaging to shorten the k-space trajectories that(More)
A technique for noninvasively quantifying the concentration of sodium ((23) Na) ions was applied to the study of ischemic stroke. (23) Na-magnetic resonance imaging techniques have shown considerable potential for measuring subtle changes in ischemic tissue, although studies to date have suffered primarily from poor signal/noise ratio. In this study,(More)
In this work we present the design of a small animal PET based on 8 high-density arrays of MPPCs and monolithic scintillators. The MPPCs arrays are composed of 16x16 TSV-type (3x3 mm 2) elements covering a rough active area of 5x5 cm 2. A single LYSO block with a thickness of 10mm has been mounted on each detector. Black paint has been applied to the(More)
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